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December 16, 2014

What is the SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS Device?

Information about the features of SkyCaddie SGX has been released. It is a revolutionary device according to SkyGolf and the newest golf GPS rangefinder of SkyCaddie. It will be one of the first of the new generation of rangefinders.

There are only a few screenshots uploaded on its main website and at first glance we can see that SkyGolf imitated the functionality, appearance and feel of the touchscreen golf GPS devices and smartphone and iPhone apps. For instance, it features complete full-colored maps of the hole and can show the precise distance to any point of the course. It also features the excellent “on the ground” mapping process of SkyGolf as well as its TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology for unequaled accuracy for finding distances. Now with all these features, can this gadget claim to be “revolutionary”?

There are no certain significant changes on its 3” transflective LCD screen except that there is an improvement on the 2.2 inch screen on the SG5. The screen is visible outdoors, even in the brightest sunlight.

HoleVue is a feature that displays a vivid colored image of the entire hole and lets you find out any distance to any spot in the area or course. It is also available in previous models. This enables you to easily zoom in for a better view of any area. But this feature has been already been available to many Golf GPS or smartphone apps which offer the same zooming and image selection option.

It comes with the Intelligreen technology which is patented by SkyCaddie. It gives the green’s specific outline and is easily aligned and rotated to the course of the approaching golf player. Although some of the previous Golf GPS devices offer comparable features to IntelliGreen, none of them have the same technology as the IntelliGreen Pro which shows the green’s actual contours with visibly marked false fronts. Only SkyCaddie has made the ground mapping which is used to correctly mark the contours on the areas.

Nowadays, features like a digital scorecard and options for stat tracking to be able to track the game’s statistics would appear necessary for golf GPS devices and the SGX offers them. Now with these features allow you to keep track of fairway hits, greens in regulation, accuracy in driving, distances and total putts.

The SmartClub Technology could possibly be the defining and revolutionary feature of the SGX. Placing SmartClub Tags on your club’s end enables SkyCaddie to communicate directly with your clubs. SkyCaddie will instantly track the club you use, exact location of the shot and how far the shot traveled after each shot. If you happen to leave behind a club on the course, you will be notified by SmartClub. Now because of these, the hassles are minimized and golfers will not have to manually mark and list the shot data.