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December 15, 2014

What are the Important Features of a Golf GPS Device?

Golf GPS devices are very popular nowadays which resulted in an explosion of various GPS devices particularly for golf enthusiasts. This eventually caused confusion in the market and a lot of golfers are tempted to buy a golf GPS device that might not really serve the purpose in the long run. So which gadget would you like to use this weekend? While the answer is as obvious as personal preference, you should still double check and look at other factors to ensure that the gadget you’ll get is worth it.

Is the device easy to use? User-friendliness should be one of the things you would want to consider. No matter how high-tech your golf GPS device is, all its features can end up useless if you can’t figure out what button to activate which function. A straightforward interface which can be easily understood and viewed is all you’ll need to be able to explore and maximize the gadget’s functions. Whether you go for touch screen capability or a button-enabled interface, it just becomes a matter of preference.

Quality is something that should never be compromised when buying golf GPS. Hardware durability and GPS functions should be reviewed carefully. Add waterproof features and you’re well on your way to being the best you can ever be. No more issues when it rains or if you accidentally drop your device in water. The main function of a golf GPS device is to receive signal, and signal quality should also be taken into consideration as signals can be affected by cloudy weather conditions or shaded areas.

A lot of GPS devices already have built-in maps in them, which can save you some money from purchasing course maps. Feel free to visit GPS websites for freebies such as additional course maps, device updates and upgrades.

Since you will be moving around a lot while in the game, make sure you get a handy device. Get a device that small enough to hold in your hand and you are comfortable when holding it. One that fits inside your pocket and has a screen that’s big enough for clear viewing of maps should be a really good pick.

Don’t forget accuracy. Remember that the reason why you got yourself this device is to ensure you get the most accurate data regarding distances within a course. A good golf GPS device should be able to provide information in the shortest possible time.

A battery efficient device is definitely a plus. It should last long enough to finish your scheduled game for the day, whether it’s 8 hours or 18.

While there is no such thing as a perfect gadget, always keep in mind to buy a gadget from a company that also offers customer service. This comes in handy if ever you encounter issues or user difficulties especially for new golfers.

Other considerations include USB interface, detailed course previews and digital scorecards. Manual pin position is possible if your device has a USB interface. A detailed preview of a golf course allows you to see the possible challenges you may encounter as you play. Lastly, a digital scorecard will let you download your scores to a PC for analysis.