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December 15, 2014

Tips on Buying a Golf GPS

The most useful advice that any beginner in golf would get is probably to obtain a Golf GPS device. A beginner might expect more about learning the right grip, V formation and proper stance or posture in playing but to lessen these worries and to actually turn your game up, it is good and handy to have a Golf GPS device.

When GPS became initially available to the public, golf was never near the top ten lists of GPS applications. Most people are aware of the usage of GPS in military/warfare use, mobile phones, and surveyors and especially map makers but it is quite surprising that GPS could now be used in golf. We may never find out how it came to be but we can be sure about one thing and that is the availability of the Golf GPS devices is possibly the most important thing that ever happened to professional and beginning players alike.

The satellite set above the earth’s sphere is called the Global Position System or more commonly known as the GPS. It tracks the changes which are relative to the receiver. The satellite beams the other satellite located in outer space when the receiver is not seen in connection with the position of the satellite. In our case, we use GPS for golf. It is important to know about this since all Golf GPS devices share the exact basic idea but differs in showing the information needed.

Some golfers had numerous problems with some golf courses when shots are trapped in a sand bunker, a water hazard or obstruction to the green’s view. Without a golf GPS unit at hand, you can imagine the frustrating feeling of landing shots in wrong areas and the dilemma of getting out of trouble. Golf, which is supposed to be played in a relaxing manner, suddenly becomes a troublesome match and anger management check.

To be able to have an overall grip of the game, golf GPS units offer ‘bird’s eye view’ of the course. The only sport that positions the landscape as your opponent is probably golf and that means you not only compete with your fellow golfers but with the course itself. Having no golf GPS unit, you may seem like a bat which is out of tune inside a spiral cave.

After finding out about the advantages of having golf GPS devices, golfers will definitely want to own one, but which one should they get? Which golf GPS unit is most ideal for them?

There are several things to consider before ever purchasing a GPS for golf, and many brands are available in the market.

Let us focus on four things to be able to make things easier.

  • Does the mere idea of buying one disappoints you because of the high price or the underlying charges like annual fees that you have to pay? There are a lot of brands out there that is sold below hundred dollars. However, don’t expect a very high quality GPS with this sort of price. If you are still a beginner and you don’t need the additional features but only the important information then you may settle with the basic type of Golf GPS units.
  • If you are playing a really close fight and you can no longer depend on your caddie, all you have is your instinct and your golf GPS unit. But what if your unit itself encounters an error? Brands claim and show you what your unit could do, but the most reliable source of information about GPS units you can get is from users who tried and used the exact unit themselves. It is essential to give yourself time to research and read reviews before purchasing because it will give you clearer view on a specific unit that you wish to buy. Those who post reviews are often real golfers who are willing to share the real qualities of a GPS unit whether it is good or bad.
  • The lack of a good customer service sometimes jeopardizes the quality and view on a really good product, and this must be considered for golf GPS units. The company who really commits to bring their products in the best regard would also provide a quick and responsive customer support. It is also important to note how fast they address an issue. Questions like “Do they immediately give the right course?” and “How fast do they update their database?” must be asked and considered.
  • If you really want to have the best golf GPS unit and if you do not limit your budget, then you can go for the units offering several functions and features that are not often available in the basic types. Such GPS units come in vivid full colored 3D screen and impressive graphics. There are also units that can be used to keep track of scores and analyze information for you.

Several important golf GPS information, user reviews and table comparisons are available at this site. For more valuable information about golf GPS units as well as feedbacks from users, please visit this page.