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December 15, 2014

The use of Golf GPS Units – Is it really An Unfair Advantage?

Is using a golf GPS unit considered taking an unfair advantage over your fellow golfers? That was the question that I was asked the other day during a game at my local golf club.

The question was truly interesting, because it was truly advantageous to use a golf GPS unit. Such devices offer great assistance and enhance golf performance and score. Having the knowledge of how far you still need to carry the ball, precise distance to the front and back of green and avoiding hazards could possibly save you a number of shots in a round.

Aside from that, it is also good to know the actual distance that you can hit the ball can help you find the green. You do not need to depend on using chips and putt or a sand save. Regardless of our different abilities, we still need to hit the ball and make sure we hit the target. This is always the fun and challenging part that a lot of golf beginners enjoy.

Now, if you have and use a golf GPS unit, we are certain that you do have an advantage over your fellow golfers, but would that be considered unfair? Apparently, it’s not. It is not different from the improvements that the golf equipments underwent through the years, and right now we still use most of them to improve our golf scores and performance thanks to technology. The use of golf GPS unit is approved for use and is legal beyond doubt, and you can take advantage of this useful tool to improve your golf strategies and improve your scores.

Nowadays, the market offers a wide variety of golf GPS units and when you are really sure that you want to purchase one, always remember to check out what each unit could do and how much each would cost. For instance, some manufacturers may charge additional fees when downloading a certain course.