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December 15, 2014

The Interesting Features of the Sonocaddie V300 Golf GPS

The Sonocaddie V300 is not just another golf GPS, and it is not like any of the other units already released in the market. It is ideal for amateurs as well as professional players with its distinctively designed and detailed features which will contribute to improved performance levels with every use. If you often play golf and are looking for a useful gadget for you to achieve success in your game, you should read on to find out how SonoCaddie enhance your performance and golfing strategy.

Although it has just been recently released, this has caught a lot of golfers’ attention. Its appearance is not only slim and stylish but also prim and proper. It is also portable so it will not take up so much space and you will not have to be troubled about your golf kit becoming too heavy.

The software used is easily controlled and monitored by computers with Windows as their operating system and is very user friendly. At any course, you can use it to for accuracy by using the uniquely bundled program designed for this purpose even if you are not familiar with the area.

The pricing for schedules is quite innovative and interesting too, since you can choose the price pattern that you like and avail of the corresponding schedules.

  • Basic Schedule – In this schedule, there will be five courses that you will choose. This is ideal for a player who does not prefer constantly changing courses and uses the same club. You will be able to get important facts about the hole you are aiming at.
  • Travel Schedule – This schedule is recommended to golfers who are adventurous and like to try out all new courses that he/she encounters. Players may avail comprehensive data for various courses of the entire country by paying a one-time fee valid for one year.

The Travel Schedule is ideal for golfers who find a hard time adjusting to new courses since it gives 3D bird’s eye view of the hole, allowing players to have a better image of the course and plan the swing easily.

Despite providing several useful data, Sonocaddie V300 has an impressive and organized display system. It is not crowded which lets you see what you need using the easy to use function keys. Golfers can have a clear view of the display even in broad daylight and the backlight can easily be adjusted for convenience.

The battery life of this unit is long-lasting and does not need frequent recharging. It will give you continuous and trouble-free use for 15 hours without having to charge it again. One of the distinctive features of the Sonocaddie V300 is the ability to store data. You can use pre-stored numbers like scores or distances in order to make a successful golfing plan.

However, its only flaw is its incompatibility with the Mac system; therefore, this is not a very popular gadget for Mac users.

When it comes to GPS golfing software, Sonocaddie V300 is one of the best among the others. And if you are interested in using software that can give you accurate and reliable information regardless of which part of the country you are in, Sonocaddie is the ideal choice.