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December 15, 2014

Suunto X10 GPS Watch – A Great Alternative Piece For Geocaching

The Suunto X10 and the X10 military watches are an awesome piece of gear for any outdoor enthusiast. These two watches made by Suunto are small and lightweight and both have special features that include an altimeter, barometer, GPS navigation and compass.

Having over a decade in developing outdoor equipment. Suunto outdoor watches are well advanced GPS navigational units, allowing you to be hands free during your time of tracking. Throughout the time of your outdoor excursion the altimeter comes in handy with an accuracy of 30,000 feet. This helps you know your exact location or position on a topographic map in a geographic area.

Great for geocaching!

The Barometer comes in handy as well. The barometer measures and records the outside air pressure. For example, if the pressure is low, then all of a sudden it begins to build, chances are you need to find a safe place to lay low for a while, or cruise back to your car if you’re close enough.

Other impressive Features that are included:

The extended Battery life is very good.
These watches are water resistant up to 100ft/33m.
They also have a two year warranty.
LED backlight display.
Three daily alarms.
Sea level pressure.
Suunto trek manager software.
Logbook function.
Calendar clock.
Stop Watch.
If your an outdoor mountaineer, hiker, skiier, boater, fishermen or just enjoy the idea of being outside without worrying about getting lost in the trails. Consider the Suunto X10 or X10 Military watch to have on your next excursion.