gps for fitness

December 15, 2014

Using GPS for Games and Recreational Activities

The Global Positioning System, more popularly known as the GPS, can now be found all around us in our everyday living and can be car accessory, advanced sports watch feature, a fish finder, hiking and sailing device as well as an overall safety navigation gadget. Thanks to its practicality and ability to yield fairly accurate coordinates of a certain country, city, avenue or practically any place you can think of, you will no longer get lost no matter where you are at any point in the world. Because of its reliable tracking features, it has established its name as a device that ensures safety and security. It has been helpful in finding lost people and during life-saving and other rescue missions. But if you think you already know what needs to be known about GPS, you are dearly mistaken.

Aside from its functional and practical features, GPS devices also happen to play fascinating roles in fun and recreational activities. GPS gives you enjoyable and really fun games that you can play with your kids, friends and even co-workers.

Try adding some exciting twists to your usual hiking trips, like making it similar to a race. Gather and group your friends and family into pairs or groups and decide on a new hiking location to spend your weekend or holiday outing. You can choose an unfamiliar location for your adventure and you can race together to reach the pit stop. Each pair or team can use the GPS unit to locate the pit stop and to be able to plan on which routes would take them faster to get there. The first pair or team who would arrive first would be declared as the winner. Adding some exciting flavor to your typical hiking activities will not only give you a physical exercise challenge, but it will be an ideal bonding experience with families and friends as well as a good test for your GPS skills as it lets you explore the gadget’s other handy functions outdoors.

We could consider fishing as one of the most popular hobbies of all time among men; within your family, you may have heard of bonding time spent by grandfathers and grandsons, father and sons and even fathers and other fathers fishing. It may be more of a guy activity but obtaining the bragging rights on having the biggest catch is definitely generation after generation. Nowadays you don’t have to wait for the longest time just for that catch to finally tug at the strings of your fishing rod and you can finally enjoy and relax whenever you go fishing. The biggest fish of the season is at your fingertips thanks to the GPS fishfinder. The GPS fishfinder is actually a GPS unit incorporated with useful features for fish finding. Using sonar and thermal imaging technology, the GPS fishfinder can definitely enhance your fishing experience and anyone who uses it will increase his or her chances in getting the biggest catch. These GPS fishfinders have already been used by commercial fishing boats to get good and big catch for some time now. The device’s sonar imaging features also allow fishermen to avoid hazards like sea protrusions and trenches that might bump and damage their boats.

Have you ever enjoyed playing make-believe treasure hunts or hunting games when you were a child? Here is an opportunity for you to play it once more without being perceived as childish or silly. Geocaching has given a modern twist and has made treasure hunting more thrilling than ever; no wonder it is so popular nowadays. It is basically played in pairs or groups of people who have GPS tracking units that help them locate treasures at specific areas as instructed in the game. Kids can play geocaching at their local parks and at specific areas within their community while grown-ups can go worldwide for geocaching adventures. With the help of a reliable GPS receiver, the participants go from one place to another to be able to locate and log in to each cache point first to get ahead of the competition.