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December 15, 2014

SkyCaddie SGX – Your Ultimate Golfing Companion

The Skycaddie SGX is one of the most advanced rangefinders to date, with incomparable accuracy and reliability. It was released last March 15, 2010 and is one of the most awaited gadgets in the golf GPS line of products. Its manufacturer, Skygolf, describes it as “a platform that can extend the game beyond the 18th green”. The device definitely lives up to its name; with its 3” transflective LCD screen display and extra long battery life of up to 14 hours of non-stop use, it’s no wonder golfers are after this device.

Fat fingers and smudges are no match for the one-of-a-kind dual navigation option of the Skycaddie SGX. Technology is supposed to help you and not mess you up even more; it’s the same when technology is incorporated in golf GPS devices. Other manufacturers have failed in the aspect of portability, wherein devices end up being so small that it seems that it was forgotten that grown up people are supposed to be using them, not children with small hands. Now anyone who uses the Skycaddie SGX should not feel like the gadget was made to his or her life harder, whether it’s a
golfer with large fingers or for golfers wearing gloves. There’s no need to remove and put your gloves back on or to clean the screen often because of smudges.

Skycaddie is supposed to golfers play smarter, play better, play faster, and have more fun” says SkyGolf CEO Richard Edmonson, and he was definitely right about the SkyCaddie SGX on this. The device is incorporated with the exclusive TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology which allows fast, precise and reliable satellite acquisition. A further enhancement in the form of an all-direction, high performance GPS antenna has the ability to lock right away to more satellites compared to other models. Once locked, the device stays that way to ensure performance in various terrains. Say goodbye to wait times as your GPS device locks onto satellites.

Because the SkyCaddie is already preloaded with more than 30,000 ground-verified maps, this lessens the hassle and eliminates the trauma experienced by first time users of gadgets. It can be used out-of-the-box which further adds to the numerous reasons why any golfer should not be without this gadget. Additionally, the goal of SkyGolf with the SkyCaddie is to provide the same high-quality data used by professionals to consumers. Professional golfers rely on ground-verified data all the time and not anymore on yardage books obtained from flyovers and satellite images.

Owners of the Skydcaddie SGX get to have unlimited access to detailed ground-verified course maps by paying a minimal annual membership fee. These membership fees are straightforward and do not contain any variable charges, hidden fees or fine print that are somehow misleading. This gadget is able to store 50 fully detailed courses at a time with space for more courses. It works off of the patented HoleVue technology that allows zooming into the course map and also allows viewing of course maps in high, full-color detail. This technology lets golfers estimate the distance to any spot on a hole, which allows planning of the best possible strategy to play the whole with least number of strokes. Close-up views are no issue to the Skydcaddie. An immense amount of time and effort was spent to develop the graphics on the map data, so rest assured that accuracy is never compromised.

The SkyCaddie’s features are definitely impressive, isn’t it? Well hang on tight because there’s more. Another feature of the SkyCaddie is IntelliGreen Technology, which allows viewing of the precise shape of the green by simply rotating the green to mirror the player’s angle of approach. All distances required to hit more greens and minimize extended putts are all provided by IntelliGreen. There is one optional feature of the IntelliGreen Pro and this gives players the ability to gather distances to false fronts, major green contours and any other spot in the green. Based on feedback from SkyGolf, IntelliGreen Pro covers the front, back and carry distances from any angle, which is something that the technology of a typical GPS device is not capable of.

Some golfers would like to monitor their key game statistics such as greens regulation, driving accuracy, fairways hit and distance plus total putts. These golfers are in for a surprise because all of these are possible with the SkyCaddie, thanks to its Digital Scorecard and Stat Tracking features. There’s no need to carry around a pencil and a pad of paper to take note of your scores. Use these features after every game for easier tracking, just like how pros do. Now you can even make a video of your golf game that would include on-screen statistics just like in television. Now that’s what we call, high-tech!

If you want to show the world your golf scores, the SkyCaddie SGX actually allows synchronization of your scores to SkyGolf’s growing online community called Club SG. This innovation gives owners of the SkyCaddie SGX an opportunity to synchronize their scores online and store them in a personal online performance storage space which can also be used as a way to monitor their stats, look for a golf mentor, find out if their equipment is helping their game or not, and build a connection with other fellow golf enthusiasts. Club SG was launched last January 2010 and is a fast growing community comprised of passionate golfers both professional and amateur who help each other out, celebrate their successes and recruit more people into the sport. It’s just like playing with everyone both locally or globally.

Now have you heard of SmartClub Technology? This feature can definitely enhance one’s golfing experience by monitoring the player’s club use. Using SmartClub Technology, the SkyCaddie can now establish a link with each club in the golfer’s bag. Every time a club is removed from the bag, the link is established between the SkyCaddie and the SmartClub tags attached to the butt-end cap of the grip of the club. This feature is intended to remind golfers who tend to forget the clubs they used at the last hole. With this automatic feature, tracking which club was used, how often each club is used, the distance and geo-location of every shot, round data and performance data has never been easier. The data obtained can be shared easily with fellow golfers, instructors and friends.

As Edmonson stated, “Growing the game by helping golfers to play better and have more fun fuels the passion that keeps us innovating. This innovation is why we’re #1 in golf’s only growth category, and why we always have something game changing on the horizon.” When a gadget can do everything that was just mentioned, we just can’t help but agree.

The SkyCaddie SGX was released to the US market last March 2010 at an MSRP of $399, while it was released to the UK market last April 2010 at 349.95 GBP. The SkyCaddie SGX is guaranteed to conform to all USGA and R&A rulings. It also comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.