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December 15, 2014

My Best Golf Buddy – the GolfBuddy Pro GPS

Frustrating moments like looking for ways to get rid of guesswork and staying on top of your golf game can actually be disappointing but thanks to GolfBuddy Pro GPS, you can now say goodbye to all these problems and play like a pro. Being the perfect golf companion, it quickly became a favorite and is quite popular among golfers. It gives you important information that can enhance your performance at par with everyone else.

A Different Level of Technology

Have you ever seen something that can automatically detect the course you’re playing in and even identify the holes in the said course? Yes – the GolfBuddy Pro GPS can do that for you without the need for manual operation or manual aiming. It gives you look for the precise range by giving you a clear picture of the green that varies according to the approach you wish to use.

Now another word that can describe this amazing gadget is flexibility. Most GPS systems typically require fees for you to be able to access various courses. This is not the case with the GolfBuddy Pro GPS. It already comes preloaded with around 20,000 courses found in North America and other countries. The best part is, you won’t have to pay anything for membership or subscriptions.

Accuracy Like No Other

Information about courses and customization of targets are also incorporated in the GolfBuddy Pro GPS System. These features allow you to compute for precise distance around the green, hazards, bunkers, and literally anywhere within the course. The GolfBuddy Pro also features custom plotting technology, allowing easier management of targets, aside from allowing you to add up 11 of your favorite targets. Track your scores with ease using the gadget’s built-in score tracker and view and analyze your scores in digital format. All these features can only be found in full-feature GolfBuddy Tour GPS Device, and it is no surprise that the GolfBuddy Pro GPS Device is the best golf GPS device in the market today.

Other Notable Features

The GolfBuddy Pro GPS is a product of technology blended with simplicity. Even a first-time golfer won’t find any difficulty in using this gadget and can even pick the language he or she likes. It is shock-resistant, lightweight and waterproof. Its screen is just as powerful as it is straightforward – a large, high resolution grayscale LCD screen with a backlight for easy viewing. You are confident that the GolfBuddy Pro GPS won’t let you down even in instances when the green is not viewable from where you are because of its 12-channel GPS. Expect nothing less than a precise approximation of how long and where you have to hit that ball.

When you buy the GolfBuddy Pro GPS, the package will include a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and battery back up that can last for up to 14 hours. Other accessories include a 5V, 450mA power adapter and wall charger, USB PC interface, belt clip, plastic holster and the user manual.

The gadget is sleek enough at 4.25? x 2.25? x 1? and just weighs about 4.23 ounces with the battery installed. However, there has been feedback from users of this device about how bulky it looks when used with the clip belt. These golfers aren’t really too happy about the fact that the GolfBuddy Pro GPS is just too thick.