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December 15, 2014

How to Choose the Right GPS Device for You

It is not surprising that there are a lot of golf GPS devices nowadays and it might come to a point when you can’t really decide which one would be right for you. This article discusses the top considerations when buying a golf GPS device.


There are a number of factors that could affect the accuracy of golf GPS, one of which is a clear view of the sky to minimize interference between the receiver and the satellites. Accuracy can vary from one manufacturer to another. Some companies allow verification by golfers themselves while others send professionals for ground verification.

The almanac used can also affect accuracy. If the almanac was outdated, it can definitely affect the performance of the golf GPS device. After switching the device on, it will be a good habit to point it at the sky for several minutes so you can obtain updates for better accuracy as well as higher frequency.


The saying “You will get what you pay for” roughly sums up almost any purchase of a golf GPS device. It may not have all the features that are available in other more high-tech models, but an inexpensive unit may be suitable if you are after simple and straightforward functions. These types of devices are perfect for senior members who still like to engage themselves in golf.

Technological Features

So what exactly are you looking for in a golf GPS device? Basic features include the ability to read the front middle back part of a green and a method to cycle through the holes. More advanced features include touchscreen capability with touch targeting to be able to identify exactly where your location is no matter where you are in the golf course. There are also models that have features that are unique for only specific models. An example would be the ability of the uPro GPS by Callaway to be able to provide real-time aerial images of the golf course. Another example is the ability of the Skycaddie system to display the full shape and depth of the green.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Different products may have different levels of support, but one of the most basic considerations when buying a golf GPS device is to check how quickly the device can update a particular course. A golf GPS is useless no matter how many features it has if it does not have the ability to quickly download the course you need.