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December 15, 2014

How to Choose a Golf GPS Device Wisely

Pause for a moment and think.

Have you ever realized how impacting golf GPS devices can be to your game? But even if there are a lot of people who say how useful these gadgets can be, making sure you get your money’s worth is just as important as winning that next game.

I’m sure that you’ve done your assignment and have researched about golf GPS devices, aside from observing your own golf buddies using them while they play. But how accurate can they really be? Is it as user-friendly as they say they are? Or do they have lots of menus to battle with before you finally find what you’re looking for? Menus are generally okay for those who are used to the concept, but for people who like it simple and straightforward, then too many menu options might not really work for them.

Accuracy – how true is this?

A golf GPS is the embodiment of accuracy. While the definition of being accurate may vary between individuals, some golfers don’t mind if there’s just a slight mark off the spot. Now it becomes an issue when it’s about the last shot and into the green, and this is when exact yardage is critical since this can be the variable that can make or break the game.

Is it worth the investment?

Price is usually directly proportional to function when it comes to gadgets, and golf GPS devices are no exception. Since everyone has different needs, then cost may not be an issue for those who are serious into function. Do you intend to monitor your score for analysis or are you more of a visual person who likes viewing graphics more? Would you prefer a basic type of golf GPS device so you can divert your attention more on the game than looking at your gadget? Therefore, try to list down what you really need before you start researching for the “right” device.

In terms of the screen, golf GPS devices are also boasting of advanced features. Similar to an iPhone or any touchscreen smartphone, a lot of golf GPS devices also feature touchscreen capabilities. Other models may allow 3D rotation that lets you view the course from any angle. These fancy features though, are all just nice to have and may or may not directly impact your performance. While some would really love to go for the bragging rights, it’s always best to still get something that you would really use.

My device isn’t working! Who do I contact for assistance?

So how many different companies out there offer the same features on their devices? There’s a lot, right? But what usually makes a device standout apart from what it can do is when things go wrong and there is reliable customer support to turn to. When I say customer support, I mean real people who are spontaneous and who know what they’re doing. Issues are addressed quickly and there are options available when something can’t be done. Some companies even offer rebates when you trade-in your old model for a new one.

A little research won’t do harm. Remember that well-informed consumers are smart consumers.