gps for fitness

August 22, 2016

GPS Running Watches Can Make Better Runners – Still Not Convinced?

Nowadays more and more runners are using GPS watches, and if you happen to be one of them, have you ever wondered if a Garmin running watch does make your running better? Is it even believable for your overall fitness and training to improve with the use of a watch? Let’s look at it this way. Let’s compare your old track coach who supported you from the track sideline to a brand new Garmin GPS watch you wear on your wrist while you run. The two actually have some similarities.

Your track coach would typically be found at the side of the track yelling out how many splits you’ve done every time you run past him. He has the ability to monitor your previous performances.

If you think about it, a Garmin Forerunner watch also has the same abilities. The one advantage that your watch has over your coach is that it can be worn on your wrist and taken with you anywhere you go. It will tell you your speed, your distance, your pace and even stores these data as you run. Aside from that, your watch also has the ability to monitor your heart rate even while running, compared to how your coach would have to run with you and manually count your heart rate via your wrist as you run.

A GPS watch can definitely make a big difference when it comes to running athletes. The cliché “Train smarter, not harder” absolutely refers to using a GPS watch while you run. The Garmin Forerunner watch can provide data about your body, how much effort you have exerted and how your body responds to your training regimen. Real time knowledge about your current pace allows you to adjust if you’re too fast to prevent burn out. If your heart rate is higher than usual, it might mean that your body is not coping well in between workouts or it might mean overexertion. All these data about your previous workouts can be used for analysis so that you can determine the best type of workout that your body responds to. This ability not only makes you a smarter runner but also helps in your goal to become a better runner.

When it comes to providing critical information in further analyzing and understanding your training, Garmin GPS watches are your perfect training companions. Better and smarter runners definitely know and understand the value of monitoring variables such as  istance, pace and heart rate to get the most out of every workout.