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December 15, 2014

GPS for Geocaching Families

The features and functions that you have to consider in getting the ideal GPS for families participating in geocaching all depends on the individual family member’s specific physical competence as well as geocaching skill levels. Some families have at least a member who is already technical and knows how to effortlessly operate the most sophisticated high tech geo-equipped GPS units currently available.

Most of the time, families can use a basic, uncomplicated handheld GPS unit that will actually work as efficiently or even better than a thousand-dollar model complete with all the extra features available to high end units. You can also consider the young ones or the members who are not yet familiar with complex technical gadgets by preferring a basic device.

A device with only a few buttons to press will be great so you should just get a unit which is not too frustrating to use and you will soon find out that  basic units give the advantage of simplicity and straightforward functionality, which contributes to a better and happier geocaching experience for your family.

If your family enjoys and wants to continue participating in geocaching adventures and would like to spend holidays and vacations by joining in this thrilling popular sport, you can always get an upgrade later on. It is not surprising that a lot of families spend their vacation participating in geocaching adventures. And it’s cheaper, too.

It’s possible to get a good quality, durable handheld GPS unit under $200, or you can try searching online for the past year’s models and you can possibly get a unit below $150. Magellan and Garmin are leading manufacturers of GPS units and both offer out-of-date but good quality models that are perfect for you and your family’s geocaching adventures.

A handheld unit is the most recommended type of GPS for geocaching families. Because geocaching is mostly about tracking down a cache, the children can hold the unit, press in the coordinates and have an actual hands-on activity of following instructions.

Your family should give geocaching a try so you can stop imagining how this well-liked and fun treasure hunting game brings families together. Your family can even hold a contest with other families in locating the cache first.

Since the age range of your family members can vary and that children will be using the GPS tracking unit, you must consider these features and functions before getting a device:

  1. Durable since it might fall or bump around often.
  2. It is also recommended to get a unit which is waterproof or at the very least water-resistant and could float. At some point, your family would experience a dreadful rainy weather or the GPS might fall into a puddle of water or pond. Expect this to happen at least a couple of times.
  3. It has to be lightweight. Since each member will be using the device and holdng hold onto it, the weight is important since it could make a big difference when you’re holding the unit for long periods of time.
  4. The unit must be reasonably priced. If your family is like most families who have members who are of different ages, then the unit may get lost, misplaced or be broken. It will be a whole lot easier to buy a new one worth $100 than replace a $1,000 device.
  5. The unit’s LCD screen must be easily viewed so better get one with a good contrast or adjustable brightness settings so you can view the display easily.

The most ideal GPS gadget for families who participates in geocaching should consider these five features. For a GPS unit worth around $150 plus a reliable Internet connection, you and your family can now experience modern day treasure hunting in a geocaching game.