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December 15, 2014

Geocaching Wth the Garmin Oregon 450

oregon450Geocaching is an outdoor activity using GPS technology to hide and find containers with various items at secret locations, most importantly some sort of logbook for people who find the item to leave a message and the fact that they were there. Geocaching originally required the use of dedicated GPS devices but recent advances in smartphone technology has led to the use of smartphones as well for this activity and apps have become available for geocaching. However, smartphones have several disadvantages over such devices as the Garmin Oregon 450.

The Garmin Oregon 450 is more rugged and and trail-worthy than most cell-phones and is designed to be far more battery friendly than smart-phones, using 2 AA batteries rather than the much more expensive proprietary batteries used in cell phones. The addition of built-in and optional apps designed specifically for geocaching has offset many of the advantages of using a smartphone for this pursuit.

Besides being rugged and designed for the trail, this Garmin features a high-resolution screen designed to be read in full sunlight or shade. Besides topological and 3d view maps for Europe and the U.S. Garmin has included an electronic compass that is 3-axis tilt-compensated so that you will always be able to tell in what direction you are headed. With the Garmin Oregon 450 there is also a barometric altimeter which helps track your altitude and can even warn of changing weather conditions.

With this model of Garmin you can wirelessly share trail information with other Oregon, Colorado, and Dakota models, including waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches. The model 450t supports GPX files so that you can make your geocaching experience paperless. By using your Garmin apparatus for your outdoors experience you can enjoy your outdoor experience while being environmentally conscientious. Remember that you want to leave the outdoors as clean or cleaner than you found it.

Take advantage of the free Basecamp software to plan your trip. With this software you can view and organize you trip with maps in both 2d and 3d. Keep track of waypoints, routes and tracks. You will be able to share this information with friends and family. Don’t forget that you should never head out for the wilderness without sharing your trip plans with someone who can be certain that you return safely. By sharing your trip information with your Garmin device you can ensure that your wilderness experience is a safe one.