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December 15, 2014

Garmin Nuvi 650 For Geocaching

Being a novice geocacher is difficult enough with out having to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use new GPS system, the most important piece of equipment need to play the fun-filled game of geocaching. Some of the electronic GPS devices that are on the market today and make you want to pull your hair out just reading the first few paragraphs of the instructions, but no so with the Garmin Nuvi 650.

You don’t have to sit down with a cup of coffee and spend hours trying to figure out how to use your new 650, nor do you have to attend a class on how to operate the sleek little GPS device; it can be used to locate a target geocaching site within minutes of opening the box.

Most people, when then first catch the geocaching fever, want their own equipment. They want their own GPS unit. That means talking to people about the units they are using and doing some research on what is available today. There will even be a dependable geocaching android application out soon, but from what I hear that is still in the developmental stage.

But, if you want a dependable, simple GPS device, one that is perfectly suitable newbie geocaching enthusiasts, the Garmin Nuvi 650 may be the unit for you. All members of your family can use the Nuvi 650 for the youngsters to older folks that haven’t yet caught on to all the new fangled technology. Garmin designed this simple yet accurate device to be used straight out of the box.

As an example, I gave one to my grandparents who are in their early seventies one for their anniversary. They absolutely loved it. They are totally non-technologically inclined in every way. Even though the own a computer, they rarely used it except for emails, and they don’t remember to check them very frequently. We took them with us in our camper this summer and they got hooked on geocaching. When we got them back home, they were amazed at all the caches that were listed right around their own neighborhood and parks.

When they opened the Nuvi 650 box, they took just a few minutes to read the quick start guide, they went to their computer and found a couple of target caches nearby their home, and within just a very few minutes, they were out the door and on their way down to the local dog park to locate their first cache all by themselves.

Pretty neat, huh? Neither one of them is anxious to learn new technology, but they said the Nuvi 650 was a dream to use. In fact, it was so easy to use; that they didn’t feel like it was a challenge to operate. Right now, after locating just a few neighborhood caches, they feel like geocaching experts. This simple to used GPS system is responsible for getting them out of the house and enjoying pursuing a new hobby together.

Geocaching has become a worldwide hide and seek game, it is enjoyed by people the world over, but to me one of the main advantages to this wonderful outdoor hobby, is that it brings family members together and lets all of them, men and women and young and old enjoy a healthy hobby together.

I’m sure it won’t be long until someone perfects a geocaching android application, but in the mean time, most geocaching enthusiasts will be happy with the Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS system; it is certainly one of the best GPS for geocaching units on the market today.

The Nuvi 650 has features that make it an ideal device for all your geocaching expeditions. It is durable, light weight, holds its signal even under heavy cloud cover or between tall buildings, has a good contrast display screen that is easy to read even in bright sunlight, and the Garmin 650 displays its information in an easy to read and understand format.