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December 15, 2014

Garmin GolfLogix GPS Review

Do you spend so much time checking yardage markers and sprinkler heads to track the progress of your game as you play golf?  It can possibly get disappointing since it could slow down your game a lot. But there is an easy yet a remarkable solution to this problem. Get all the information you need and find out the exact distance to aim to avoid any possible dangers for any tee on any hole. Simply turn the GolfLogix GPS on manufactured by world-renowned GPS gadget company Garmin and you will have all the distances you have to know without the need to touch any buttons.

The GolfLogix GPS has very invaluable features. It is precise, consistent and user-friendly. Aside from that, it is also heavy-duty, waterproof and automatic. Its size is just right and easily fits right in the palm of your hand. Being a player, having a GolfLogix GPS helps you gain more confidence. Your scores will improve in no time. You will not need a clear line of sight because it will already show you particular distances for the front, middle and back of the hole. All the layout information about bunkers and water hazards are already visibly marked for you. It was a real challenge for me when I was not familiar about the layout of the green. It will also show you the distance of your last shot.

The GolfLogix GPS device enables you to download complete layout information of at least 20 various courses all at once. Download your favorite courses to it easily. If you are going on a holiday and you find a new course, you will be able to figure out the distances effortlessly by just downloading the information of that certain course. It uses AA batteries which can last about 22 hours.

Setting up the Golf GPS is rather easy. You just have to download the software, driver and be able to download 1 free course. When you’ve done that, you’re now ready to download your favorite courses so you can take it for a test drive and check how it improves your game play. It will surely be amazing. After trying it out and you feel that it has helped, then you can try downloading up to 20 courses for a year for only $29.95. There are more than 15,000 available courses on the database, and if the course you chose is not offered then all you have to do is request for it and you will be added to the database ready for download within a few days.

Selecting a club to use will also become easier since you already know precisely how far you have to hit. Scrolling down on the GPS would show you your distance from the green. The most impressive thing about this hand held GPS is how it significantly saves you time whenever you play a round of golf since you are no longer walking around the course to figure out the distances.

The GolfLogix GPS by Garmin is highly recommended to golf enthusiasts or players and I am absolutely giving it two thumbs up.