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December 15, 2014

Choosing the Best Bicycle GPS Device

If you’re a cyclist or a biker and have done some research on the best bicycle GPS device, you’ve probably stumbled on some really cool Garmin Edge models. The top question, therefore is, which is the best unit for you?

Common features of these gadgets include:

  • virtual partner training features
  • various navigation features
  • the ability to compete with your previous cycling stats
  • all models can also take advantage of the Garmin Connect and Training Center software.

Models vary with their GPS features. Find built in basemaps, capability to add maps and SD card compatibility with the 605 and 705 models. You can’t save routes or waypoints with the 500 model. Barometric altimeters can’t be found in 205 and 605 units.

Tracking options for workouts also vary among the different models. The 605 and 205 models do not come with built in cadence sensors or heart rate monitors. Other models, though, offer these features depending on the model. Capabilities for simple workouts and setting calorie goals are available in most models except for the 500. For advanced workouts and workout goals, though, a 605 or a 705 model would be your choice. The 500 model does not include interval training features that allow rest periods in between workouts.

You might want to go for the 500 model if you prefer to use third party ANT-enabled power meters. Are you looking into exchanging data wirelessly with friends who own the same device? Then consider getting the Edge 705 model. When it comes to battery life, expect the cheaper models to have shorter battery life than their more expensive counterparts.

All the above mentioned features can be used to your advantage as long as you are able to identify what you really need the most. Try to compare features between models as well as the prices that would best fit your budget.