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December 15, 2014

Tips when buying GPS Hiking Receivers


It is essential for one to have a sense of direction and to be able to track your position when going on any type of hike, long or short. It will be ideal that you should have at least some knowledge of using a compass if you are planning to explore unchartered paths. But even then, anyone is still prone to getting lost. GPS hiking receivers, which are mobile, handheld and lightweight, let you … [Read more...]

A GPS Hiking Device: Savior of the Day


The good old compass helps when you get lost out in the wilderness and helps you get back to civilization. But nowadays, there is something better and more reliable than that. Technology makes life easier and you can focus on more necessary things and tasks to be done. Now with the use of a GPS hiking device?you can jump out of danger's way when getting lost in unfamiliar places. How do you pick … [Read more...]

The Garmin Colorado 400T and its Features


The latest Garmin Colorado 400t has plenty of interesting features. This mobile Garmin gadget is famous among hikers and mountain climbers all around the globe. It is simple to use right out of the box, and for this reason, it is preferred by elderly or technologically challenged users.I have witnessed lots of elder people refusing to use new electronic gadgets because they are afraid of not … [Read more...]

Hiking in the Wilderness? Don’t Forget the Essentials: a GPS Hiking Device


If you enjoy going out on hiking trips such as going into the woods or to the mountains, then a travel GPS system is a very useful item to keep handy. Oftentimes, we hear about hikers getting lost or mountain climbers that never come back. Such unfortunate events could have been prevented if these people brought hiking GPS units with them. If you check online, you can find several websites filled … [Read more...]

Recreation & Exploration with Hiking GPS Devices


According to our history books, when Christopher Columbus first discovered the American islands or when Ferdinand Magellan first set foot on Philippine soil, we learned that these explorers only used simple maps, the stars, makeshift compasses and other instruments now considered archaic. But in modern times, the explorers now have benefited from their discoveries and ways as well as the … [Read more...]

Selecting the right GPS device for Hiking and Backpacking


Depending on your needs, a handheld GPS for hiking and backpacking could possibly cost you $500 more or less. There are variety of models and features available in the market and now it is up to you to identify what you need and want by asking yourself some basic questions that can help you choose the right GPS device.First, you should determine what specific features and functions you need … [Read more...]