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December 15, 2014

Guidelines on What to Look for in a Golf GPS Device


Golf GPS devices utilize the GPS system in order to give you information about your exact location from the flag and other hazards on the golf course. Aside from that, these gadgets also have the ability to provide details regarding front, back and center of the green. Compared to rangefinders, though, they are unable to provide a magnified view to assist you see down the course. But one advantage … [Read more...]

How to Identify a Good Review about Handheld Golf GPS Devices


A lot of companies seem to prioritize earning more than above else. Because of this, a lot of consumers are misled by false advertising. This then results to negative feedback regarding products especially technological gadgets that were intended to make people’s lives easier. If combined with that the typical idea to save money and to get the best possible deal ever, this issue results to a … [Read more...]

What are the Important Features of a Golf GPS Device?


Golf GPS devices are very popular nowadays which resulted in an explosion of various GPS devices particularly for golf enthusiasts. This eventually caused confusion in the market and a lot of golfers are tempted to buy a golf GPS device that might not really serve the purpose in the long run. So which gadget would you like to use this weekend? While the answer is as obvious as personal preference, … [Read more...]

Selecting the Perfect Golf GPS Device for Your Budget


Anybody interested in Golf GPS?It’s always an advantage in any golf game if you know your course well. Make the most out of your game by making sure you know the location of every water hazard, sand bunker and any other traps.The advantages and benefits of a Golf GPS are becoming more and more popular to both amateur and professional golfers alike. It can definitely help in intuitive … [Read more...]

My Best Golf Buddy – the GolfBuddy Pro GPS


Frustrating moments like looking for ways to get rid of guesswork and staying on top of your golf game can actually be disappointing but thanks to GolfBuddy Pro GPS, you can now say goodbye to all these problems and play like a pro. Being the perfect golf companion, it quickly became a favorite and is quite popular among golfers. It gives you important information that can enhance your performance … [Read more...]

The use of Golf GPS Units – Is it really An Unfair Advantage?


Is using a golf GPS unit considered taking an unfair advantage over your fellow golfers? That was the question that I was asked the other day during a game at my local golf club.The question was truly interesting, because it was truly advantageous to use a golf GPS unit. Such devices offer great assistance and enhance golf performance and score. Having the knowledge of how far you still need … [Read more...]