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December 15, 2014

Geocaching Wth the Garmin Oregon 450


Geocaching is an outdoor activity using GPS technology to hide and find containers with various items at secret locations, most importantly some sort of logbook for people who find the item to leave a message and the fact that they were there. Geocaching originally required the use of dedicated GPS devices but recent advances in smartphone technology has led to the use of smartphones as well for … [Read more...]

How To Pick a GPS Device *Video

A handheld GPS device offers the technology to navigate to exactly where you need to go and gives you the fastest way to get there. Never again will you wonder where you are. … [Read more...]

Geocaching with the use of GPS Navigation System


Looking for an interesting and great pastime? Then geocaching can be a very good option for you. Geocaching seems to be the greatest and newest craze that it has now taken the world by storm. With a GPS or any navigation system, you can now immerse yourself in this popular system. The gadgets of the past have now been rapidly replaced by no other than high-tech systems that are amazing and … [Read more...]

Geocaching – The Ultimate Hiking Adventure


Geocaching definitely adds thrill to hikers’ most loved outdoor activity. It is actually a game similar to hide and seek but this time GPS is used in tracking and finding hidden objects. The players hide geocaches all over the world and will pinpoint their exact location geographically using a GPS tracking device. They will then share the location to others online as other players take their turn … [Read more...]

Using GPS for Games and Recreational Activities

The Global Positioning System, more popularly known as the GPS, can now be found all around us in our everyday living and can be car accessory, advanced sports watch feature, a fish finder, hiking and sailing device as well as an overall safety navigation gadget. Thanks to its practicality and ability to yield fairly accurate coordinates of a certain country, city, avenue or practically any place … [Read more...]

Garmin Nuvi 360 Great Choice For Geocaching


When the Garmin Nuvi 360 first came on the market, it carried a price tag of upwards to a thousand dollars, but today's prices range from only $149.00 up to $449. Could it be the best gps for geocaching?Sadly, its original price tag prevented many aspiring geocachers from owning this outstanding GPS for strictly leisure time use, but with such a drastic reduction in price, it is now much more … [Read more...]