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December 15, 2014

Best Handheld GPS Units for Geocaching – Garmin Gmaps 60CSX

Do you want to know that you have a GPS you can be certain will lead you to different caches, under different conditions, … and then home again? A GPS you can set and forget? A GPS you are confident will keep you and your co-hunting friends and family safe?

If so, Garmin Gmaps 60CSx is an important GPS to consider for geocaching.


Because it does all this:

It is phenomenally sensitive and remains locked unto satellite signals even under tree cover, even under cloud cover.
It is super accurate. Full stop.
It has a map screen so you can easily see where you are relative to everything else.
You can read the screen clearly in bright sunlight.
It’s small.
It’s light.
It can take being bounced around – which it will be, of course.
It’s waterproof.
You can programme in up to 20 routes.
You can save up to 1000 waypoints (reference points to keep you on track)
You can save your track unto the memory card. Keep it secure, even if you switch off.
Afterwards you can download the data and analyse your hunt – to share your glory with all and sundry, or improve your game.
It’s batteries last a long time.
It’s ultra easy to use.

So your Garmin Gmaps 60CSx makes it possible for you to simply load up your cache positions for the day, and head off for a day of fun and games. Easy as pie.
That’s why Garmin Gmaps 60CSx could be one of the best handheld GPS units for geocaching.