gps for fitness

December 15, 2014

Benefits of GPS Systems for Long-Distance Cycling

Nowadays you need not worry about long-distance bike rides or getting lost during long distance cycling trips because there are lots of available cyclist GPS devices that simply attach to your bike’s handle bars. Use these devices in certain situations such as a route change when needed. Let me tell you about one of my long-distance bike rides at the California Coast. With the help of some locals, I was able to locate a couple of side roads that helped me get around the Pacific Coast Highway, compared to a detour that’s about 30 miles or roughly 1600 feet in elevation, which would’ve been a very long way to go.

With a GPS device, one shouldn’t have any difficulty in locating an alternate route. Garmin is a company that manufactures really cool GPS devices. A lot of their devices are durable and quite light in weight and can easily be mounted on handlebars. Some units would even have backlighting and other features depending on your GPS needs. Price range for a Garmin GPS 605 model is $300-400 and you have the option to purchase an add-on chip from the Garmin website that contains information about all streets in North America for just an additional $100.

If you are after something a little more sophisticated, you might want to buy the Garmin 705 Bundle. It costs about $600-700 and has cadence and heart monitoring capabilities as well as information about all North American roads, aside from other basic feature such as measuring speed, distance and time. The Garmin unit I bought not very long ago worked perfectly during my 2-day 180-mile ride. It was especially notable during elevations. The said device also measures your best speed and heart rate and also takes note of your ride’s history, which are downloadable to a PC.