gps for fitness

December 15, 2014

Backpacking, Hiking, and Geocaching With the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx

When the fitness craze hit America back in the 1980s, everyone started looking for ways to improve their bodies. One of the activities that tones and firms muscles, reduces body fat, increases muscle mass, and makes your body look tight and fit turned out to be walking. Prior to that time, most people never gave much thought to walking. It was merely the easiest way to get from here to there. However, once people started realizing the health benefits that walking provided, it was on its way to becoming the national pastime.

As a natural outcropping of the passion for walking, lots of people started doing some serious hiking. They enjoyed the activity so much that they began hiking farther and farther into unknown areas of the country using their compasses as guides. With the advent of GPS systems, however, it was a natural that the technology be adapted for use by hikers as well as by drivers. Enter the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx to provide personal assistance for hikers, backpackers, and geocachers all over the country.

The Garmin 60CSx has been called the best handheld GPS unit on the market today and for good reason. When using it you can expect 6 meter accuracy which is much greater than what is offered by any other recreational GPS unit. With it you can map your routes in order to find your way back without getting lost, and when you return from a trek, you can upload the information to your PC and view the data in GoogleEarth. The unit runs on alkaline batteries, and the average battery life if you don’t constantly use the backlight is around 20 hours in warm weather, although they won’t last nearly this long in extreme weather conditions. Make sure to take along an extra set just in case.

As you’re probably well-aware, technology is moving so quickly these days that you hardly get something bought before it becomes obsolete. Garmin has addressed this problem by providing customers with firmware and software updates that correct problems almost before you have time to discover that there are any. One user reported having had the GPSMap for only three months and said that he had received three fantastic updates during those first three months of use. Therefore, you know there isn’t a whole lot of danger that Garmin will allow your unit to become obsolete any time soon.

The extra sensitive GPS receiver tracks your position wherever you go, no matter if you’re under a heavy canopy of trees, down in the bottom of a canyon, or in the middle of a lot of skyscrapers. The unit is only equipped with a basemap, however. If you want street maps and topological maps, you need to buy them separately. You’ll also want to add accessories like mounting stands, carrying cases, and power adapters, so the complete package isn’t going to come cheap. However, people who have used the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx say it is well worth every penny you pay.