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December 15, 2014

A Garmin Approach Handheld GPS Review

Have you found yourself in a situation wherein you can’t determine your distance from the green or fairway? Having to guess how far your next shot is can greatly affect your game positively – or negatively. The good news is, there is now a way to solve this problem when it comes to precise location issues and estimation issues of the front, back and center of the green. This solution is no other than the Garmin Approach handheld GPS.


This trusty gadget is user-friendly and is capable of providing quick, reliable and precise distance readings on many golf courses throughout the US. It is also waterproof, compact and lightweight. In just a few seconds you’ll immediately get information on the distance to achieve that next shot and view all these information on a bright 3” touchscreen display.

Score Better

When you get your Garmin Approach handheld GPS, the first thing that you need to do is to load the map of the course you will be playing in onto the device. With a touch of a finger you are able to determine the distance of that green. As you walk or change position, the distance will be updated real-time for the most accurate shot possible. Once you see the pin, click on the flag displayed on the screen for a better view. You are also able to zoom in on the pin for a closer look and you’re sure not to miss that next shot.

Digital Scorecards – save your scores for analysis

Say goodbye to physical scorecards and say hello to the digital version of your scores. The Garmin Approach handheld GPS is capable of storing the scores of up to four friends and once you’re done playing, you can easily download the data onto your PC for analysis. This can definitely make tracking your progress a breeze.

Get the latest course map updates and gain access to new courses loaded to the database without the hassle of membership fees or annual fees, unlike other golf GPS models. If you’re really serious about improving your game or you’re just an enthusiast who enjoys playing golf, the Garmin Approach handheld GPS will never let you down.