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December 15, 2014

A Basic Guide to Geocaching

Reality shows are top-rating programs on television and are definitely getting their rightful share of viewers and supporters from all over the world. Some of these famous game shows take the contestants to different, faraway places around the world where they get to see stunning things, explore new places and meet new people. The prospect of experiencing these exciting adventures make these games so appealing to viewers, which is actually the same reasons why more and more people are getting hooked into geocaching.

What is geocaching, you ask? It is basically a hyped up version of a treasure hunting adventure played by members of different geocaching communities. The goal of the game is to find containers in specific locations with the use of GPS devices. Different people from different countries, cultures and age groups participate in these games and share what they experience in the hunt to an online based community. Geocaching community members help one another by supporting their fellow members. They also become advocates in protecting the environment.

Geocaching is actually a combination of a game in the great outdoors and the modern day capabilities of GPS technologies to explore different locations around the country as well as all over the world. These are just some of the reasons why geocaching is now becoming more popular with around 1.4 million geocaches already found by over 4 million geocachers worldwide.

The Rules of Geocaching

The geocaches are hidden containers that are spread in various locations. The locations of these hidden items may be discovered in your area or around it, including a park, hiking area, or even underwater. You will find geocache hidden all over the world.

In the beginning, a geocache or the “treasure” that people look for is actually a basic log book that geocachers can sign in. But as time went by, the geocache evolved into containers that can be filled with various items where geocachers could exchange with by following a simple rule: you may take an item, leave an item in place of it and sign the log book.

People became inventive when it comes to the method in finding a geocache. Some versions still include the typical cache where people sign in a log book and trade in an item. Others get to participate in a multi-cache game that involves puzzles that need to be solved in order to get the actual cache. Still some can have you looking into several locations before getting to the final cache.

However, the most essential part of the game is not the cache or the treasure you will acquire. It is the adventure and experience of discovery in finding and getting the geocache which is the most rewarding feeling. This unforgettable experience is what players talk about in the community or online forums.

What GPS device should you get for geocaching?

Geocaching players are not required to get expensive, high end GPS navigators to be able to participate in this outdoor activity. If you can effortlessly input a waypoint in a GPS device, then this device is good enough. Durability should also be a consideration. Smartphones capable of GPS capacities may also be utilized for this purpose especially for urban or city-based geocaches. However, they may not be very useful in remote areas or geocaches hidden in elevated ground.

Some important features of a GPS device which will be useful and helpful for your geocaching adventure would include a base map for the target place, devices with several channels for catching GPS signals faster, external antenna jack to enhance your GPS unit’s signal sensitivity, interface jack for your computer, extra storage, waterproof or water-resistant features, ability to be charged to an external power source and most of all, its geocaching features.

Finding a Geocommunity for You

There are various geocaching communities you can join. Some may require membership and are exclusive while others accept members openly as long as they are able to share in the fun and can cooperate with the community guidelines. You can start out in communities within your area or city and later on progress to larger communities that can take you to exciting and new places you’ve never been to before.

Geocaching may take some time to finish depending on the specific location, terrain and the ratings the community would give a geocache with.  Some areas could have environmental obstacles making it harder to finish and may take a while before the cache is found, so it’s always safe to bring enough necessary supplies like food, water and extra clothing.

You and your family can definitely join in this fun and adventurous activity! Whether you are with your family, friends or even colleagues, you can have the adventure of a lifetime by finding the cache at the same time see breathtaking sceneries and unexplored places. What are you waiting for? Join now! And don’t forget to bring your camera with you!